Want to use basalt sand to choose basalt sand making machine?

Basalt is a common type of volcanic rock with large hardness and mechanical strength. It is the best material for repairing roads, railroads, and airport runways. It is also an ideal material for producing modern machine-made sand. So how do you choose basalt sand making machine? Here we take a look at SBM to give you a detailed introduction to the choice of basalt sand making machines and related equipment.
The basalt sand making machine produced by our SBM is ideal for basalt sand making. The sand making machine is made of high-iron high-iron wear-resistant material, and has a long life cycle. It can meet the material requirements of roads, railways, bridges, tunnels and other engineering projects. It is used for the construction of gravel aggregate concrete for highways, high-speed railways and other areas. The ideal equipment. Basalt sand making machines can provide equipment on-site production lines for users to visit in many provinces in China. Here we focus on the basic process flow of basalt sand production line and the choice of sand making equipment.
Basalt sand production line is mainly composed of: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, basalt sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, conveyor and other equipment. According to different process requirements, various types of equipment can be combined to meet the different needs of customers.
Basic flow of basalt sand production line: First, large pieces of basalt are broken by a coarse crusher (crushed jaw crusher), and the resulting coarse material is conveyed by a conveyor to a fine crusher (fine jaw crusher). Further crushing, finely divided stone into the vibrating screen to separate two kinds of stone, to meet the basalt sand machine feed granularity of the sand into the sand system sand, and the other part back into the finely divided. A part of the stone that has entered the basalt sand making machine is made into sand. After being washed by the sand washing machine (optional), it is made into finished sand. The other part is broken into the sand making machine again.
The basalt sand making machine equipment and basalt sand production line equipment produced by SBM have high automation, low operating costs, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, and easy maintenance. The machined sand produced meets the national building sand standard. Uniform granularity, good granularity, and reasonable support.


Raymond Mill vibration solution

As a kind of milling equipment, Raymond Mill has been used for a long time. If you do not know how to maintain it, parts in the equipment may cause damage or serious wear. In this case, Raymond Mill will vibrate.
When the raymond mill vibrates, it is necessary to check the Raymond Mill’s vibration cause first: When the Raymond Mill main machine shakes badly, it should be stopped immediately to check and see Raymond Mill’s grinding roller and mill. Whether the ring is deformed or not, the deformation of the grinding roller and the grinding ring will produce great vibration and noise. Therefore, the grinding roller and grinding ring should be replaced in time. In addition, the looseness of the anchor bolts, the loosening of the anchor bolts, and the host machine of Raymond machines cannot be properly fixed. When the material enters, the rotation of the motor will cause the main engine to swing and cause a large vibration failure. This occurs. Should stop immediately, tighten anchor bolts.
Of course, no matter how good the equipment still needs to be maintained, for parts of the equipment, after a period of time, it is necessary to inspect the parts of the Raymond Mill. If any wear or damage is found, replace it in time and clean it if it is not damaged. For a while, the equipment should be cleaned up once in a while to clean up the internal refuse and other substances. Only when the best maintenance plan is made for the equipment will the equipment be used for a longer period of time. Only in this way will the Raymond Mill work optimally every time.

SBM’s new sand making machine is ideal for processing low-iron calcite sand for glass

Low-iron calcite sand is an important raw material for the glass processing industry. Sand making equipment is the core equipment for producing this glass raw material. So what kind of sand making machine equipment produces low-grade calcite sand effect is good?——SBM provides you with a new type of sand making machine equipment, high efficiency and environmental protection, a wide range of crushing, especially suitable for glass raw materials quartzite, vein quartz, calcite and other raw materials The broken finely ground sand.
Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, the most common of which is natural calcium carbonate. Therefore, calcite is a widely distributed mineral. The crystal shapes of calcite are various, and their aggregates can be clusters of crystals, and can also be granular, massive, fibrous, stalactite, earthy, and the like. A lot of square fragments can be obtained by hitting calcite, hence the name calcite. SBM’s new sand making machine is the ideal choice for processing calcite sand. The sand making machine has features such as small particle size, uniform particle size, large production capacity, long hammer life, small supporting power, variable three-stage crushing, secondary crushing, simplified process, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and stable operation. The calcite sand produced by the sand making machine has an excellent grain shape, a cube shape, and a very low needle-like content. It is very suitable for the glass industry to produce sand.
We also provide you with a complete set of low-iron calcite sand production line equipment and programs. The whole set of calcite sand production line includes a combination of vibration feeder, jaw crusher, new sand making machine (sand blasting machine), vibrating screen and belt conveyor. The sand production line has advanced technology. high degree of automation. Environmental protection, energy saving and high output are very suitable for the processing and production of raw materials for the glass industry. The new type of sand making machine equipment is the top beam column of the entire calcite sand production line and is the key equipment to promote the efficiency and increase the efficiency of the calcite sand production line.

What are the dust removal equipments that are matched with the XZM ultrafine mill?

The development of science and technology and economy has basically met people’s production and living needs. However, although people’s material life and spiritual enjoyment have been temporarily satisfied, the increasingly harsh environment has seriously affected people’s normal lives. Many people still have Because of the harsh environment, I was afflicted with various diseases and eventually died. So now people are paying attention to how to protect our environment while developing their economy. In the milling industry, environmental protection work needs to be done more closely. The use of dust collectors allows dust mills to stop dancing during the production process.
Although the use of dust collectors has a good effect on the protection of the environment, some users did not configure the mill at the beginning of the purchase, or they were randomly deployed in later use, and did not completely match their own milling equipment. This will not be able to play an environmentally friendly role. This does not show on the website today that a customer has consulted where to sell the dust removal equipment for the XZM Ultrafine mill.
XZM ultrafine Mill is the latest research and development of ultra-fine powder equipment in recent years, there are many manufacturers on the market are producing, but due to different design and technology, will also cause users to buy XZM ultrafine Mill has a certain The difference. Shanghai SBM is a professional ore milling machine manufacturer. XZM ultrafine Mill is currently a company’s main pusher of a milling equipment, and its supporting dust collector also has many models, including bag filter, pulse dust collector Etc., both have their own advantages, users can choose according to their actual needs.
In addition, Shanghai SBM also reminds its customers here that when choosing a milling machine, try to buy a complete set of machines, especially wearing parts, from one manufacturer, because the technology is rapidly developing, and it may not be long before you purchase. The manufacturer of that model will no longer produce this type of machine. It will be very troublesome if the wearing parts are broken.

Some Requirements for Operating Raymond Mills

For mine equipment such as raymond mill, some problems are normal. However, we have found that many users’ equipment problems are due to improper operation. If the user puts higher requirements on the personnel who operate the Raymond Mill, the probability of equipment failure is much lower.
We also have some basic requirements for operating Raymond Mill. First of all, the user must operate the equipment according to the operating instructions. For each raymond mill, we have instructions for operation. Users should understand the instructions before using the equipment and prohibit illegal operations. In the operating instructions of Raymond Mill, the equipment switching sequence was clearly listed. However, in the actual production, we found that some users were uncomfortable with instructions and caused the equipment to malfunction. These conditions must be avoided. The other is to process suitable materials, Raymond mill is generally used to process the hardness of the material is not high, we found that some users will use Raymond Mill to process some of the higher hardness materials, such as wollastonite, etc. Causes great wear on the equipment and shortens the life of the equipment. If you have encountered any problems during the use of Raymond Mill, please call the manufacturer’s after-sales phone in a timely manner. Do not disassemble the equipment yourself so as not to cause more serious damage to the machine.

Mobile construction waste crushing station assists infrastructure construction

According to the analysis of relevant experts in the machinery industry, for large-scale infrastructure facilities such as construction waste crusher machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, and food machinery, which are closely associated with the national infrastructure industry such as public transportation construction, electric power construction, and housing construction, etc. The development of the construction project means that the machinery and equipment industry usher in a development opportunity, and the machinery and equipment industry will usher in a development peak on the subsequent development path. Of course, the crusher, as a kind of mineral processing machine, has a wide range of applications, and it should also take advantage of the wind and leveraging forces to develop vigorously and actively expand its infrastructure.
At present, infrastructure construction is in a period of rapid development. Many crusher manufacturers have launched a series of new products, trying to increase their market competitiveness, seize new opportunities for development, and use them for domestic infrastructure construction. For example, a relatively hot product currently on the market – a construction waste crusher. The construction waste crushing station, as its name implies, is used to crush construction waste. With the development of infrastructure and urbanization, the amount of domestic construction waste is increasing rapidly. How to deal with these construction wastes has become a major issue for China’s urban development. . The mobile construction waste crushing station is solving this problem. The biggest feature of the construction waste crushing station is its mobility and flexibility. It can carry out the first-line on-site crushing of materials, eliminating the need for materials to be removed from the site and then broken. The intermediate links greatly reduce the transportation costs of materials and realize the value of reuse through the crushing of construction waste.

Ultra-fine grinding improves the production efficiency of ore in the milling process

There are many materials that can be processed by ultrafine mill, and the fineness of the finished ore processed with ultra-fine micro-grinding is the most concern for customers and manufacturers. Most customers have certain requirements for the fineness of finished products. Therefore, For some of the ore materials that appear on the market, the requirements on the fineness of materials for processing are very strict. What are the most important factors affecting the fineness of ore materials in ultra-fine mills?
The fineness of the ultrafine mill is influenced by many factors in the processing. To increase the fineness of the mill, it is first necessary to understand the main factors affecting the ultra-fine mill, and then to solve the problem from the source. The problem is the hardness of the ore itself, the size of the crushing size, the size of the ore, the size of the grid sieve, the selection of the ultrafine microplate, the selection of the ultrafine grinding model, the wear of the classifier blade, and other aspects. The degree of wear, the speed of ultra-fine grinding, the height of the main shaft of the ultra-fine mill, the size of the ultra-fine grinding water, and the amount of flushing water in the discharge port will have a certain influence on the ultra-fine grinding.
In order to increase the production of ultra-fine grinding, the most important thing is to further analyze the problems of ultra-fine grinding in processing, so as to understand the main factors affecting the fineness of processing, so that it can be more than one in the future production and processing. Grasp the floor to increase production efficiency in the production process to ensure the smooth production of the mill.
ultrafine mill ensures the fineness and yield of the mill. At the same time, it guarantees the quality of the product. Therefore, in the production process of milling, it is more important to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the ultra-fine grinding. Fine grinding has a better performance in production. Therefore, users must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance while using ultra-fine micro-grinding to achieve better development of micro-grinding.
In the production, the fineness of finished products and the quality of finished products for ultra-fine grinding are mainly the above factors. I hope to provide better help to customers and manufacturers. Shanghai Collierc offers various types of mills, crushers and Hoist.

Vertical grinding mill in the application of talc products price selection

SBM heavy-duty talcum mill mill is a new equipment for the upgrading of traditional mills. All technical indicators have been greatly improved, covering a number of patented technologies, is to increase the unit production per unit, reduce unit production capacity Consumption, improve the quality of the finished product and market competitiveness of the preferred equipment. For the formulation of the price and type of talc mill mill, SBM’s professional program production team is customer-centered, scientifically selecting the type around customers’ production needs, matching higher quality resources, and providing a more scientific and reasonable talc setting. Mill grinding machine prices help customers create value and increase efficiency.
For talc processing, vertical roller mill is a professional powder milling tool, which is a high-quality milling equipment that can increase production and reduce energy consumption. It can improve the market competitiveness of talc products and help customers increase production and income. SBM focuses on the field of talcum powder milling, introduces high technology to adjust the product structure, and produces a higher quality talcum mill grinding mill equipment. According to customer’s production requirements, SBM Heavy Machinery specializes in customized talcum mill grinding mill prices. Reasonable selection is the preferred equipment to promote talc for efficient processing.
Talc is an aqueous magnesite silicate mineral with a layered structure. Talc has a high electrical insulation, thermal insulation, high melting point and strong adsorption properties for oils. Therefore, it has a wide range of industrial applications. . Moreover, with the development of industry, the usage has been increasing and the scope of application has been expanding. Divided into talc and talc in the country according to the different talc content, the latter talc content is less than 70%, need to be beneficiaries to use. Talc rocks are mainly talc chlorite and talc carbonate. In addition to chlorite and talc, talc and chlorite rocks are often accompanied by serpentine, pyroxene, etc. Most of the color is green. Talc or dolomite is associated with talc in talc carbonates and is mostly pale gray in color. In the talcum powder manufacturing industry, the new Ore Milling Equipment can produce 80-600 mesh high-quality powders, with an increase in production capacity of R-type mills, lower energy consumption, and lower integrated investment costs, which is to increase the market competition of talc products. Force’s preferred equipment.

Mobile construction waste crushing station is the key to solve the problem of building waste recycling

As a very difficult urban and rural landfill waste, construction waste has been a headache for government departments and urban and rural residents for many years. With landfill-based methods alone, it is impossible to realize the recycling, recycling, efficiency, and harmlessness of construction waste. Reduction processing. However, with the development of technology and the advancement of technology, a machine called mobile Construction Waste Crusher has become the key to solving these problems.
The mobile construction waste crushing station adopts a highly efficient performance-enhanced design. The integrated structure itself not only realizes the stability and airtightness of the material crushing, but also realizes the efficient and rapid operation of the material, and achieves the satisfaction of the crushing of construction waste. fast. In addition, for the characteristics of different work and construction waste sizes, the mobile construction waste crushing station has also maximized the upgrading of models and stable remanufacturing of product performance, whether it has different sizes of materials entering and crushing work, and has strong adaptability. And adaptability. At the same time, the mobile Construction Waste Crusher can effectively crush and crush the construction waste, and turn the waste construction waste into useful and recyclable raw materials. This reduces the space occupied by the construction waste and the required landfill sites. It has extremely profound development. While realizing resource, reduction, and reuse, it also realizes the essential transformation of construction waste turning waste into treasure. Among them, the more outstanding brands are SBM machinery from Shanghai, which is one of the best and outstanding representatives.
The mobile construction waste crushing station has been developed. No matter whether it is structure or technology, whether it is the performance or characteristic advantages of equipment, whether it is safety or quality, it is extremely satisfied and assured. If you can choose a good brand like SBM machinery, then satisfaction is inevitable.

Precautions after Raymond Mill shutdown

I often emphasize to you all about the precautions when starting the Raymond Mill. Are there any precautions you should know about downtime? If you ignore some small details when shutting down, a little carelessness will affect our normal use for the next time. Today we will talk about the raymond mill shutdown notices that should be kept in mind.
1. It is forbidden to stop the lubrication and water cooling system before the temperature of the Raymond Mill main body and the main bearing has not dropped to room temperature.
2. After the Raymond Mill has stopped moving, it should be immediately connected to the high-pressure floatation device to prevent damage to the bearing alloy and hollow journal due to cooling and contraction of the grinding body until the grinding body is cooled to normal temperature (ambient temperature).
3. When the auxiliary drive is used to move the mill, the inlet opening of the mill exhaust fan is closed to 20%, and the hot air main valve is fully closed.
4. After the main and auxiliary engines of the system are parked, the valves should be closed and the recorder switch should be turned off.
5. The exhaust gas treatment system shall adjust the system pressure according to whether the rotary kiln system stops the material after the grinding is stopped (such as the valve of the humidifying tower and the size of the relay fan opening).
I hope that everyone will be able to strictly meet themselves when they open the Raymond Mill, operate the mill, or stop. Turn the machine on and off according to the correct method. Do not ignore some details of the operation and avoid affecting the normal operation of the mill. Go for some unnecessary trouble.