Raymond mill internal structure and operating principle

Raymond mill referred to as Raymond machine, also known as mill, Raymond machine, high-pressure suspension roller mill. Generally used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials hardness of Mohs hardness of seven non-flammable and explosive minerals. Raymond mill generally handle the product size 40-400 mesh material within the scope of processing up to 300 kinds of species. raymond mill internal structure of the basic: host, analyzer, piping, blowers, finished cyclone, jaw crusher (optional), bucket elevator (optional), electromagnetic vibration feed Machine (optional), electronic control click and other components, Raymond mill host from the rack, into the air volute, blade, grinding roller, grinding ring, cover and motor components. Users generally according to the actual situation in accordance with the procurement of equipment. The complete and fully equipped Raymond mill can realize the independent and systematical production process integrated with roughing, transportation, milling and finished product packaging, which improves the production efficiency to a certain extent and the closed production makes the product quality more Guaranteed. Raymond mill working principle: with jaw crusher material roughing, after lifting the material delivered to the hopper by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder to the material in the hopper quantitative, uniform, continuous delivery to the host Grinding room, driven by the ink roller on the material for detailed grinding to achieve the purpose of grinding materials. Then through the analysis of the powder screening equipment, do not meet the standard materials back to the host grinding room for rolling. Conforming to the standard materials, the gas flows into the pipeline, and the whirlwind collector finally collects the powder into the conical silo to directly package the finished product. As the air flow system under the action of positive and negative pressure circulating the entire process is sealed, do not have to worry about the dust caused by environmental pollution. Henan SBM Heavy Industries has many years of production R & D experience, the production of Raymond mill widely acclaimed in the industry, Raymond mill manufacturing technology to grasp more accurate, if you have any questions, please feel free to consult.

construction waste crusher can really bring us good luck

Only by constantly highlighting and changing ourselves can our construction waste crusher become stronger and stronger, and the brand name of our SBM Heavy Industry Group can become louder and louder. Now that the society is not like the time of eight or nine years, the opportunities in the streets and the ability to do anything by doing whatever it takes to get rich fortunate enough to become fortunate are just a bunch of industrious hands. Now the society is a society where the law of the jungle is weakened. The most is their own high-speed rotation of the brain, only our brain constantly rotating, our pockets can be more and more drums, our business can be better and better, if there is a little slack, then wait for us is eliminated Fate, many people will say that this is too cruel, but the reality is that we can not allow to complain, perhaps in the neutral we complained, a good opportunity to slip away from us.
And for SBM, our manufacturer of construction waste crusher, when we first decided to make this product, it was an opportunity, an opportunity that we thought it would bring us good luck. In the future, we The constant effort has been made to turn this opportunity into a necessary condition for our dreams. Through our efforts, our SBM people have found that construction waste crushers can really bring us good fortune. Therefore, there are many opportunities for human beings in this lifetime and many temptations. All we need to do is to stick to our own position, to discover opportunities, to always find ourselves in an unrelenting heart, to find out everything in our life or work can be changed Our destiny, and trusting it to realize it.

Raymond mill is how the powder?

Raymond mill is how to get powder you know? Often we do not pay attention, it is very important.
Raymond mill powder collection methods commonly used are:
1. Direct bagging + manual measurement. Namely in the raymond mill product collection port put a bag, the powder material through the weight directly into the bag inside, and then by weighing scale or electronic weighing, and then packaged.
2. Use automatic packing machine. That the purchase of finished powder packaging machine, set filling measurement in one, fully automatic operation, automatic sealing bag, save labor, high degree of automation.
3. Raymond mill will be finished powder direct wind delivery of finished product tank. Tank storage is usually more than 20 tons, and then transported by tanker to reduce packaging links, high efficiency.
4. Raymond mill discharge mouth using screw conveyor directly to the tanker. This method saves the input cost of large feed tank, the disadvantage is that the tanker loading time is longer, the time is not stable.

What is the method of installation and debugging of construction waste crusher?

In recent years, with the rapid development and widespread application of the construction waste crusher industry, more and more people are realizing the potential and prospects of the construction waste crushing machinery industry. More manufacturers are beginning to join the crusher industry. We have been manufacturing machinery and equipment for many years and have rich experience in production. Our construction waste crusher is also our best equipment, so today we would like to tell everyone about the installation and commissioning of the construction waste crusher.
1, the first machine leveling, firmly fixed on the cement foundation.
2, clean the oil and debris on the machine, the transmission, sports parts filling oil.
3, check the various parts of the screw is loose.
4, adjust dial, stamping and other parts of the position of the degree and clearance, after adjusting the hand-driven pulley, the operating parts should be able to operate freely.
5, the host pulley steering clockwise clockwise. Prohibited inversion, before turning off the triangle with the test motor steering, the steering wheel and motor rotation steering wheel alignment can be fitted with a test strip.
6, when the test machine first use the jog method to make the motor pulse rotation, such as no other noise, the normal operation before driving. Heavy truck is strictly prohibited to start until the machine is functioning properly before feeding production.
construction waste crusher in the market with its own strength has made some achievements, by everyone’s favorite, suitable for our customers to use.

Matters needing attention about hammer of construction waste crusher

With the rapid economic development, China’s production of machinery and equipment manufacturers are more and more, our SBM production machinery and equipment for many years, has a wealth of production experience, our construction waste crusher is our multi-test production, deep By everyone’s favorite. Among them, the hammer is more important in the construction of waste shredders, so today, we would like to tell you about the hammer on construction waste crushers note.
1, construction waste crusher hammer is wearing parts, when the hammer wear need to be replaced, we must pay attention to the rotor static balance and dynamic balance of the rotor control in a certain range, the main factor affecting the balance There are two, one is the weight of the hammer deviation, one is the installation of hammer position error, as long as the control of these two factors, we can achieve a good balance.
2, construction waste crusher hammerhead wear is the material that hit the surface wear, when the wear can be transferred when the two sides continue to use. When the two sides are more serious wear and tear, the hammer can be adjusted forward, the installation location of the hammer there are two, this can be more fully utilized hammer, cost savings.
3, construction waste crusher in the work process as a result of raw material factors, materials into the material after the poor feeding (without the case of the wall) proposed construction waste crusher can be removed from each of the previous group of a hammer test.

Mobile crushing station is what to do

In general, when we refer to mobile crusher, we will first make a question mark. What is this? It is mainly for what? Also for what occasion? However, for those who frequently use the product, it should be no stranger to today we are for the product to make a brief introduction for everyone, I hope we can have a deep understanding and understanding.
The mobile crushing plant is mainly used for the material processing that often needs to be relocated, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, building material, water and electricity, especially for the flowable stone materials such as expressways, railways and hydropower projects. Users can choose the type, Finished product requirements of different uses a variety of configuration forms. It is a large piece of material for multi-level crushing, and in accordance with certain specifications of the material out of screening machinery and equipment. Equipment for mining, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and other industries to complete a crushing and screening operations, the output of the user the required material size and output. Equipment includes primary crushing station and secondary crushing and screening stations, belt conveyors and other components, crushing stations at all levels are an independent unit of work, can fulfill their different responsibilities, tape conveyor is responsible for the material between the crushing station Send and stack.
Mobile crushing plant variety, specifications series, its great choice, to meet the needs of customers. At the same time, mobile crushing stations are mainly used in construction waste treatment and open-pit coal processing.
Mobile crushing station we have also talked about in the application, it is mainly used in chemical, building materials, metallurgy and other industries, it is currently used in urban construction demolition more than demolition projects, the construction waste crushing and screening into several different sizes And the rules of recycled aggregate, is to achieve China’s construction of waste recycling and reuse of the project foundation, do not know through the above introduction, we have a deep understanding of the product?

Should be promptly replaced wear sand making machine parts

Sand shaper used to crush hard ore case, its unique crushing mode and performance makes its plate hammer and counterattack wear very fast, broken material is more hard, wear is even more serious, need to be replaced frequently. The effect of abrasive size of sand making machine on the wearing performance of wear parts is that the smaller the particle size is, the larger the surface area is, and the contact area with metal is also increased. Under the same external load, the local stress of the abrasive body decreases, It is difficult to cut into the substrate, so that the wear rate of the metal is reduced. Sanding machine abrasive hardness, under the same conditions, the abrasive hardness is higher than the easy press into the metal matrix, and in the shear stress under the action of the metal matrix cutting, resulting in the surface area of ​​pear ditch.
With the gradual improvement and development of the country’s basic building facilities, the demand for construction sand is exacerbated. A lot of sand production needs of enterprises, in the sand production line, sand making machine in a state of high speed for a long time, and users often negligently overhaul and maintenance of sand making machine, sand making machine at high load for a long time State, after a period of operation, the sand making machine is prone to failure, not only seriously affect the progress of work, can also cause incalculable losses. In order to ensure that the sand making machine can work normally and extend the service life of the sand making machine, the inspection and maintenance personnel should periodically open the observation gate of the sand making machine to check the wearing parts of the equipment such as the hammer head, the liner plate and the strike plate. Replacement, should be promptly replaced, and set aside good spare parts, to facilitate timely replacement, reduce downtime.
Mining machinery industry is now a sunrise industry, since the emergence of sand making machine, but also the concept of “a new era of environmental protection,” the rapid booming development. SBM understands that if we are surrounded by green life, our health will surely be guaranteed. The green era is not only a matter of national governance, but also an expectation of every one of our ordinary people. The vigorous promotion of sand making machine will surely support the development of all walks of life and promote the cause of greening in our country.

Raymond mill feeding skills

When operating a Raymond mill, it is important that you feed the material evenly. If you feed Raymond mill machine, then the feed is basically uniform. However, if the feeding to the manual operation, then there will be uneven feeding and other phenomena. If the feed to the Raymond mill inhomogeneity will lead to unevenness of the fineness of grinding and other issues, so that raymond mill grinding is very important.
Raymond Mill customers milling, not only requires high output of milling, but also to achieve a certain degree of fineness and high quality. We want to make Raymond mill out of the powder with high quality and good productivity, then pay attention to the Raymond mill feed uniformity. Zhengzhou Zhonglei Machinery Co., Ltd. prompts to be in the Raymond mill, if you want to achieve the best efficiency, we must meet the requirements of his own.
Raymond mill feed if uneven, it may just be too much feed or feed too little, if the feed is too much may cause damage to the Raymond mill, if less, you can reduce Raymond mill production. Raymond mill uneven feeding has a great harm. If the feed is too much, it will affect the normal work of Raymond mill, but also make the hoist and other ancillary equipment overload operation, output decline, reduce grinding efficiency or equipment accidents increase, the open road is easy to cause full grinding, Plugging and other phenomena, affecting the normal operation of Raymond mill. If you feed too little, it will reduce the production efficiency, resulting in Raymond wasting energy but not grinding enough material. Feed volume fluctuated, it will lead to Raymond mill load fluctuations, the quality of the finished product is not stable, is not conducive to safe operation. Therefore, uniform feeding is to ensure that Raymond mill an important part of the effective operation. Therefore, the normal operation of Raymond mill, you must feed evenly. Should be concerned about.

Ultrafine mill difficult problems

As the mining industry evolves, many mine owners demand that they be equipped with a set of equipment from raw materials to finished products and make plans. This is called ultrafine mill. Flour mill is mainly grinding quartz, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, rare earth, marble, ceramics, bauxite, manganese ore, iron ore, copper, phosphate rock, red iron oxide, zirconium Sand, slag, slag, cement clinker, activated carbon, dolomite, granite, garnet, iron oxide yellow, bean cake, fertilizer, compound fertilizer, fly ash, bituminous coal, coking coal, lignite, , Gold mine, red clay, clay, kaolin, coke, coal gangue, china clay, kyanite, fluorite, bentonite, maifan rhyolite, pyrophyllite, shale, purple sandstone, Stone, gypsum, graphite, silicon carbide and other Mohs hardness of 9.3 in the following, humidity at 6% of various non-flammable and explosive mineral materials.
The common configuration of the mill is Raymond mill mainframe, analysis machine, blower, finished cyclone, pipe fittings, motors and auxiliary equipment jaw crusher, hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric control cabinet, Users can choose according to the scene flexibility. So, with so many devices, the obvious Raymond mill plays a crucial role in this production line. Raymond mill is the entire production line, so that the material into a finished product, it is leading.
Shanghai SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. for different customer requirements, through varying degrees of changes in milling machine parts, so as to achieve an unexpected result, so that the modified mill has also been fully recognized by the customer.

Application of Mechanism Sand Equipment in Construction Industry

In recent years, the construction industry such as real estate is an important part of China’s GDP. The large-scale development of the construction industry makes the economy of our country prosperous. The development of the construction industry is inseparable from the support of building materials. Therefore, a large amount of building materials such as sand Glowing in the construction industry. With the development of the construction industry, the demand for sand gradually increases. Natural sand can not meet this demand. Therefore, sand making machine is needed to produce artificial sand to fill the market demand for sand.
The market demand for machine-made sand equipment is on the increase, but not only the number of sand making machines is increased, but also the requirements for the production process of the sand making machine are also more sophisticated. The machine-made sand equipment has become an important support for the development of the construction industry and it also serves as With amazing results, compared with similar sand making equipment can greatly enhance the production efficiency, the gravel of the finished product is also more intact, can be called the best helper for the construction machinery industry.
In this strong market demand, looking at all provinces and cities, in fact, there are many manufacturers of construction machinery sand equipment, but most are small and medium enterprises, the real independent research and innovation, the strength of the large manufacturers are not many, For the development of this industry is still more effective, of course, for the customer or choose a more powerful manufacturer will have a good start, after all, professional equipment and professional services to protect everything.
In this case, the customer must go to the large-scale professional manufacturers to buy a well-intentioned sand making equipment, in order to produce sand you have a good market, making the equipment to create more value for you.